Japanese Drivers License Conversion

License Conversion

Update: This page has been updated & moved to our the blog section of our website, under the heading Japanese Drivers License Conversion and will be removed from here permanently in the near future.

For expatriates or long-term foreign residents wishing to drive legally in Japan, it is necessary to convert foreign licenses to a Japanese license before…

Other points covered in this topic include:

  • Eligible countries for conversion to a Japanese license,
  • Conditions for eligibility,
  • Steps involved with obtaining a license,
  • Where to convert ones license,
  • What documentation is required,
  • Do I need to take a theory/practical test?

Motovique does not directly assist with the application process itself, however are happy to answer any questions you may have on the matter.


3 thoughts on “Japanese Drivers License Conversion

    • All the countries listed have a bilateral agreement with Japan allowing licence holders of each to convert their licences without the need for a test. US licence holders on the other hand do not.

      The main reason for this is because each state has different criteria for their licence holders; age, length of validity etc, thus meaning the US as a whole does not possess a nationwide standard, and hence no bilateral agreement.

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