Mobile Snapshots

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Just like many others in our industry, we have a strong passion for photography, and are blessed that we live in an age with a plethora of hardware from which we can literally ‘point-and-shoot’ at our desired subject.

Possessing the skills to exploit all the different angles and lines of the car however, is a different matter. Highlighted below are the cameras we use, the purpose for each camera and the location where some of our images are stored publicly online.


Nikon DSLR

Reserved mainly for taking images of our clients vehicles for use in sales material, posting some of the post-production images over on flickr.



This is our fun camera, snapping mobile snapshots of cars, travel, food & drink, personal interests and all things Japan, uploading them to Instagram via the app.

We’ll be sharing some of our unpublished photo collections in a later post. In the meantime, feel free to simply like, comment or follow our image feed over at instagram.


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