Classic Mini 1000cc Carb

Following our passion for British classics, we recently purchased two classic minis for him and her. Of the two, this is the more sporty version, a 1990 Rover Mini 1,000cc carb model finished in a lovely orange colour. Finished with beautiful chrome, 13 inch alloys and a manual gearbox, this mini is more than enough to get the pulse racing down the winding back roads of the city suburbs.

Classic Mini’s Japan Facebook page


Jaguar XKR Silverstone

Growing up in the UK, we fell in love with the shape of the XKR, when it was first introduced in the mid-nineties. Fast forward twenty years, and we are presented with this gorgeous limited edition ‘XKR Silverstone’. It’s pretty amazing just how many special editions make their way to Japan, and end up residing in a car park in some far-flung residential areas.

The Morris Minor 1000

While travelling with the family in Nagano prefecture recently, the wife happened to come across this classic ‘Morris Minor’, parked up in a popular tourist attraction. With it’s minuscule 37bhp, 948cc engine managing a top-speed of 128kph, this particular vehicle, registered in the Yokohama district, must have taken an eternity to travel the 200kms+ to where it was parked.