Fiat 500 – the Italian Job

Just poking out of a private garage in the Chuo district of Osaka, the stunning yellow colour of this tiny Fiat 500 just draws you in to take another look. While this is not the more desirable 500 with ‘suicide doors’, the chrome work is particularly clean and the owner appears to look after it, evidenced by the fact that it looks like it had recently been washed.


Volkswagen Type II

Despite the continuos rain we are having lately, camping season appears to be here with the sighting of not one but two splitties within a few hundred yards of one another. Unfortunately, the paint work on this particular Volkswagen type 2 is not in the best condition, but that doesn’t take away the gorgeous lines of this two-tone kombi. Very nice.

BMW 5 Series

A surprisingly clean example of BMW’s third-generation 5 Series – considering it is over 20 years old. We particularly like the lines on German cars in the eighties and nineties, and this one is no exception. Add into the equation, solid reliable German engineering and this car is a clean, solid everyday runner.

New in Stock!

BMW 335i M Sports Touring

BMW 335i M Sports Touring

Just in. For sale on behalf of it’s current owner, this top of the range BMW would fit the need of a busy executive or anyone who likes getting outdoors and/or have a family. Full details over on the website

Car Accessories


Cars built and registered for the Japanese market are renowned for having higher specifications than their European & North-American counterparts, and so while many years age the standard accessories people bought for their vehicles mainly consisted of aesthetic products, we’ve also seen the addition of lots of exciting gadgets, gifts and other fantastic kit launched in recent years

Whether you’ve simply moved to Japan recently and need to find a good quality child seat for the school run, wish to take advantage of the glorious autumn weather for a barbecue by the river, or take some HD video footage from your nineties Japanese sports car, we have compiled a list of some of the more popular accessories that we have either used, or recommended over the years.

Full details on each accessory can be accessed on our accessories page of our website. Any questions you have can be asked in the comments section of each individual page.